Image Cut

Image Cut

Split image into segments with any slice layout. Get generated merging html page
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In the world of web design there are occasions when you need to split images for many reasons, especially if they are too big. This process can take you from some minutes to a couple of hours depending on the image size and its parts, but with this program called Image Cut, this process just takes a few seconds and in addition all the HTML files are generated automatically.

All the processes are automated. The first thing you need to do is select the source image you want to split. After that, with a couple of buttons, you can create horizontal and vertical line splitters in the positions you want in order to designate smaller parts of your image. Adding a grid is also possible, selecting any amount of vertical and horizontal cells that you want. And finally, after pressing the split button, you will be able to edit each one of the parts adding more functions like links or backgrounds, etc., and after all these tasks have been done, the program will save the parts and will automatically generate the HTML code of your images.

Besides, the program also supports batch splitting, and as you can see, all of these processes can be performed in a very easy way, saving you time when you need to split images for web pages. Moreover, the program supports many image file types.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Easy to use.
  • Supports many image file types.
  • It can split multiple images at the same time.


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